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Therapy for High Achievers

Therapist in Riverside

Therapy for high achievers, professionals, top-performers, perfectionists, and go-getters that want to learn how to kick butt, reduce anxiety, understand their temperament, and work in their strengths to overcome people pleasing and live a whole-hearted life.

...Anyone else Type A? ;)

Though it is not an official diagnosis it’s something that I see a lot in my practice.


Someone who struggles with this often:

  • Performs well at school or at work and is known for their hard work and drive.

  • Has perfectionist tendencies and excels in most areas in their life.

  • Silently struggles with anxiety that they seem to be able to turn “off” and hide from the outside world.

  • Copes with this anxiety by working or staying busy as a way to try to numb the anxiety.


Often high achievers find some benefit to their anxiety because it pushes them to work harder and excel at what they are doing. However, it is a double-edged sword, as I always say. I'll help you learn how to wield that sword.

Young Asian businesswoman at her workplace
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