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Your first time in therapy?

THERAPY = THE MENTAL GYM. First time in therapy? Welcome to The Mental Gym!

Basic starting steps to finding a provider.

I'm Dr. Gaby and I have coined the phrase, "Therapy is the mental gym". It's time to get mentally fit, y'all! If 2020 taught us anything it's that putting your mental health on the back burner is no bueno!


We've all heard of New Year's resolutions to get back into the gym and loose a few pounds, but have you heard of resolutions to get mentally fit? Mental and physical health go together...if one is off, the other is bound to also fall off track. It's not about a crash diet, 30-day cleanse, or fast. Being mentally fit (and physically fit for that matter) is about creating a LIFESTYLE. Lifestyle changes in the way that you think, feel, and behave come from building resiliency to life's blows, changing the way you think, and having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.

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But it's my first time in therapy! I'm nervous!

That's totally normal! The first time we do anything there are nerves and some hesitancy due to not knowing what to expect, what to say, or how to act.

Many people wait to see a therapist until there is a crisis or things get overwhelming. If that's you, don't worry! It is never too late, or too soon for that matter, to get into mental shape. Finding the right therapist is vital and it may take a few times until you find a therapist that is the right fit for you.

Where do I look for a therapist?

There are many directories out there, like Psychology Today, Mental Health Match, Session Sync., Good Therapy,, Latinx Therapy, Therapy for Black Girls, and Monarch. Browsing through different therapist profiles can give you an idea of therapists' specialties and style and if they take your insurance or not. Plus you can find a therapist in your area, city, or state. If you do want to use your insurance, you can also contact your insurance provider and ask them what providers are on your insurance.

Or, you can use Headway as an easy way to look at providers that take your insurance. The company will verify if there is coverage and you can see a provider quickly.

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What do you yourself offer?

In my practice, I aim to be myself in and out of the therapy room. I have a laid-back style that I find eases my client's anxieties about starting therapy for the first time or jumping back into it. Just like at the gym, we won't jump into heavy weight right away, but we will start with a good warm up, and will only get into bigger issues once you feel you are ready to move some mental weight.

I specialize in all things health & wellness and can help you get MENTALLY TOUGH. We can challenge old ways of thinking, form healthy mental habits, and develop positive coping strategies that will get you back to whole-hearted living. I offer individual therapy services (60 mins). both in-person in Riverside, CA and/or virtual for high achievers, perfectionists, female athletes, and young adults. I currently take some insurances as well.

Remember, strength is not always physical. Mental strength goes a long way and is a key predictor in stress management, mood regulation, and problem-solving.

Are you ready to get started?

It's never too late to get mentally fit. Start today with a free 15 min. consultation call with me, Dr. Gaby. Call or text me at 951-251-4034. Let's get mentally fit!

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