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Technology meets mental health? Are mental health apps any good? From BetterHelp to Headspace.

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It’s not a secret that many companies have shifted their interest to mental health after COVID-19. Companies like BetterHelp and Lyra have seemingly made it easier for people to access mental health services and treatment options using technology. There are pros and cons of using companies like BetterHelp to access therapy services. I have my opinions about companies like BetterHelp, but that is for another blog. Check out this resource here from VeryWellMind for an objective review on BetterHelp.

Mental health as an “industry” may not be the popular term used in healthcare, but many tech companies have seen an opportunity in this industry to provide apps related to mental health conditions or treatments.

How do YOU feel about technology merging with mental health treatment?

Like many, this can be a strange shift. For younger generations, this is the norm. Specifically with apps, there are now so many different ones that address mindfulness, stress, anxiety, and aim to improve overall wellbeing. Apps like Headspace, Happify: For Stress & Worry, Calm, Insight Timer, and Luminosity are a few popular options.

But where do I start and which app should I download?

Check out One Mind PsyberGuide, a non-profit that aims to help people use technology to live a mentally healthier life. Their goal is to provide guidelines to help people navigate the mental health app marketplace. The team reviews and rates apps based on the app’s credibility, user experience, and transparency of privacy practices. That way you can pick an appp that sounds good to you.

I personally have used Insight Timer for relaxation before bed with good results (plus it is free)! I love rain and fireplace sounds.

Obviously, technology and using an app on your phone is not for everyone. Neither does it replace good old fashioned in-person, face to face therapy. It is simply a way to supplement therapy with an interactive tool that is accessible 24/7.

Will meeting with a therapist in real life ever go extinct? I doubt we will all vote to enter into the metaverse (I sure as heck will never) so until then, have your go at an app to supplement therapy and let me know how it goes!




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